Computer Science and Technology

Computer Science and Technology(4-year Undergraduate Program, Bachelor of Engineering)

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The program provides comprehensive education in the field of computer science that equips our graduates with a sound foundation in theory, expert knowledge and technical skills. Students who graduate from this program can look forward to becoming international experts in computer science, with a wide range of future career options and a strong ability to adapt to new technology and innovation, through the development of practical hands-on skills, the ability of analyzing and solving practical problems, professional ethics, and the spirit of innovation.

Students completing this program will have:

A1. A solid foundation in basic sciences like Mathematics and Physics;

A2. Systematic masteries of fundamental theories, expertise and practical skills in Computer Science;

A3. Good comprehension of the principles and methodologies in computer system design and analysis, with essential capabilities to conduct research and development of computer hardware and software systems;

A4. Enough qualification to analyze and solve real-world problems independently;

A5. Good professional ethics and innovative minds;

A6. Mastery of a foreign language;

A7. Solid skills in information retrieval.

Program Requirements: 

Students completing this program should have a systematic and in-depth masteries of fundamental theories, expertise and professional skills, and can work in extensive industrial sectors and adapt to different job requirements. Specifically, the program will enable students to:

B1. Have basic attainment in humanity and social sciences, good professional ethics and social responsibilities;

B2.  Be well equipped with the skills to solve real-world engineering problems with Mathematics and other Natural Sciences;

B3. Master the fundamental theories and models in Computer Science;

B4. Have essential skill sets to develop, management and maintain software and hardware systems;

B5.  Master at least a foreign language and be able to read and write professional documents, and communicate with international peers;

B6.  Be well qualified in information retrieval and document searching;

B7. Have international visions with elementary skills for cross-culture communications, competitions and cooperation.

Core Disciplines:

Computer science and technology

Major Courses:

Advanced Mathematics, Introduction to Computer Science, Linear Algebra, Problem Solving & Programming, University Physics, Java Programming, Object-Oriented Programming, Discrete Mathematics, Probability Statistics, Data Structures, Computer Organization, Operating Systems, Software Engineering, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Database Systems, Computer Networks,  Digital Image Processing, C++ Programming.

Practical Training:

Practical and lab training will occupy 35% of total credits.

Program Length: 4 years

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering

Compulsory Courses

Optional Courses