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Introduction to International School

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The International School of Jinan University was founded in 2001 and is located in Guangzhou, China. It is a young, but unique college, in which all courses are delivered in English. There are currently nine bachelor degree programs and two master's degree programs, which have attracted approximately 4,000 students from 79 countries or regions (up to May, 2016). These programs include International Economics and Trade, Finance, Accounting (CPA-Canada), Clinical Medicine Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (M. B.B.S.), Food Science and Engineering, Pharmacy, Computer Science and Technology, International Journalism, China Studies and Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Engineering.

In addition to the major courses delivered in English, the International School also offers Chinese language and Chinese culture courses to international students who may find it advantageous to communicate in Chinese and be familiar with Chinese culture after graduation.

Our students are encouraged to have movable study experiences worldwide. The school, therefore, has developed a series of exchange or visiting study programs with partner universities in the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Australia and New Zealand. Those programs can be long-term (one or two years), or short-term (half a year, three months or one month in the summer or winter).

Along with a team of long-term or visiting international professors are 318 domestic faculty members (up to May,2016) who hold the university issue-qualification which enables them to teach academic courses in English. Most of those holders have an international education background. This unique internationally- oriented professional team ensures the sustainability of the academic teaching quality in English.

The vision of the school is to attract more high-quality students globally, and nurture them to become internationally-minded academic and professional talents.

The mission of the school is to be student-oriented and to provide a unique multi-culture environment for academic study in English at an international standard with dedicated high-quality teachers, critical thinking teaching methods, English-medium textbooks, multinational enterprises internship schemes, high-impact movable study opportunity, and student self-development.