Journalism (4-year Undergraduate Program, Bachelor of Arts)

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The purpose of this program is to cultivate all-round talents who are proficient in English with knowledge of journalism and communication theory, familiar with the laws and regulations of journalism, proficient in news practical skills, have an open international vision and can meet the needs of international news industry. Graduates of this program are expected to have solid language foundation in English and Chinese speaking and writing and have the ability of news gathering, editing, commenting, producing to meet the requirements of transnational media organizations, international organizations and foreign-related organizations and become a high-level professional with international competitiveness.

A1. Proficient professional skills in news gathering and writing, report planning, investigation and research, as well as operation and management with rich practical experience and innovative ability.

A2. Fluent communication skills. Being able to independently conduct news interviews, social surveys and diplomatic missions, and communicate smoothly in oral and written form to achieve the intended communication goals.

A3. Teamwork spirit. Being able to actively participate in team work and take the initiative to complete major projects or important tasks with colleagues.

A4. Fast adaptability. Having the ability to adapt to various industries, organizations, media platforms and news organisations. It can withstand the rapid changes in the media environment and timely select suitable fields and posts for its own development.

A5. Leadership. Being able to undertake or actually engage in the planning, organization, coordination and management of media industry, and have the quality or potential to be the leader.

Graduation requirements:

B1. Having comprehensive and solid humanities and Social Sciences background with scientific spirit and professional accomplishment; Understanding national and social conditions; familiar with news policies and regulations, having firm belief and a high sense of social responsibility for news production.

B2. Having solid professional knowledge with good command of theories of Journalism and communication, research methods of social science research; being familiar with the development and trends in the field of Journalism and communication.

  B3. Having the ability of critical thinking and innovation to analyze new phenomena and find problems in the field of news and communication; questioning and making comments on news events and social phenomena based on the learned knowledge. 

B4. Having the ability to analyze, research and solve complex problems in the field of news and communication with the tools of investigation, deduction and induction and put forward reasonable solutions.

B5. Skilled in using computers, new media and other modern technology and tools to conduct news gathering, editing, photography, public relations and other practical activities of news, as well as creative intellectual activities such as image creation, social investigation, academic research, results display, etc., with data collection and mining ability.

B6. Having strong oral and written expression ability; being good at communicating with the interviewees and the public and adept at news writing and planning public relations activities.

B7. Having teamwork ability; being able to adapt to changes in the environment with a healthy attitude; being able to get along with colleagues and superiors; being proactive in collaboration with responsibility.

B8.Having international vision and cross-cultural understanding ability; understanding the challenges and opportunities worldwide; respecting the diversity of different cultures in the world.

B9. Having self-learning and self-management ability in an aim to achieve all-round development and become multi-functional talents in the field of journalism and communication.

Core Disciplines:

Journalism and Communication

Major Courses:

Introduction to Journalism, Chinese Journalism,Western Journalism,English News Gathering and Writing, International News Editing and translating, Mass Communication, News Commentaries, Feature Writing

Practical Training:

Accounts for 32% of the total

International journalism has strong practical characteristics. Relevant courses should be based on the existing newspaper workshop, new media workshop, academic research workshop etc. to improve practical ability of the students.

Program Length: 4 years

Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Arts