Finance ( 4-year Undergraduate Program, Bachelor of Economics)

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A1. Educate students to master comprehensive knowledge including literate, history, economy, management, mathematics and statistics. The knowledge structure should adapt to the requirement of “wide scope” in new era.

A2. Educate students to be finance talents with profound foundation, mastering systematic finance basic theories and financial management skills.

A3. Educate students to master various abilities of finance, economics, management and statistics to solve the real problem and to be practical finance elites servicing the society

A4. Educate students to have good sense of social responsibility, international outlook, team work communication skill and innovative entrepreneurship. These comprehensive talents could work in various financial related fields including banks, securities companies, insurance companies, financial service and financial information sectors.

Graduation requirements:

B1. Graduates are required to care others humanely and have global vision and comprehensive quality. They have to know international and national situation and can work both at home and abroad.

B2. Graduates are required to systematically master basic and major professional knowledge and get necessary research methodology and analytical skills. They also have to focus on recent finance major academic news and development trend, being familiar with national finance law and relevant policies. 

B3. Graduates are required to learn English well, think and talk in English. They should keep tracking the development status of finance major and related field domestic and overseas. They also could apply finance professional knowledge into international and national finance markets.

B4. Graduates are required to expertly work on the computer and analyze data, solving financial practical problems with information tools.

B5. Graduates are required to have good innovative and entrepreneur spirit and continuous learning ability. They can find finance problems and provide solving methods with major knowledge.

Core Disciplines:


Major Courses:

Calculus I&II、Linear Algebra、Probability、Microeconomics、Macroeconomics、Financial AccountingⅠ、International Trade、Principles of Statistics、Applied Statistics、International Finance、Money and Banking、Investment、Insurance、Corporate Finance、Financial Economics、Commercial Bank Management、International Settlement、Risk Management of Finance、Fixed Income Investments、Derivatives Investment、Management of Portfolio Investment、Equity Investment、Analysis of Financial Statements、Investment Bank Management and Operation、Feasibility & Investment of Project

Practical Training:

practice hours take up 30.91% of total teaching hours

Program Length: 4 years

Degree: Bachelor of Economics

Compulsory Courcses

Optional Courses