Accounting(4-year Undergraduate Program,Bachelor of Management)

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CPA Canada is an English-medium program using CPA Canada teaching system with books introducing from CPA Canada. The main goal is to cultivate talents with comprehensive abilities, good command of auditing, international accounting principles and relevant law. The graduates will become advanced internationalized talents who will be able to work in China and international accounting firms, financial securities companies, government or enterprises to undertake jobs of auditing, consulting, accounting and financial management.

Students will learn basic principles and knowledge of accounting, auditing and business management.  Students also will gain the ability to analyze and solve practical accounting and auditing problem.

Graduates should acquire the following special knowledge and abilities:

A1.Humanistic and scientific knowledge

A2.Basic and professional knowledge

A3.Scientific research thoughts and abilities, innovation thoughts and abilities, practical abilities

A4.Business ethics and professional ethics

Graduation requirements:

B1.Proficiency in using English to speak read and write; having good command of interpersonal communication and being able to conduct information searching.

B2.Being familiar with international accounting standards, policies, principles and financial management laws both at home and aboard. 

B3.Having good command of basic theories, methods and skills of economics and management.

B4.Having good command of basic theories and knowledge of accounting and auditing.

B5.Understanding the modern theories and development trend of accounting disciplines and having the ability for literature search and data retrieval. 

B6.Mastering practical application and innovation abilities and skills to solve practical accounting and auditing problems.

Core Disciplines:

Business Management, Economics and Law

Major Courses:

Financial Accounting I, Financial Accounting II, Financial Accounting III, Financial Accounting IV, Management Accounting, Auditing, Financial Management, Commercial Law

Practical Training:

CPA Canada program would organize academic seminars, encourage students to conduct various academic research activities under teachers’ guidance to broaden students’ horizon. The program aims to cultivate students’ practical working ability and scientific research ability. The graduation internship will be arranged for 10 weeks at the end of the 5th semester. Students will write their graduation thesis in the 8th semester after social investigation. 

Program Length: 4 years

Degree: Bachelor of Management

Compulsory Courses

Optional Courses