Non-mainland Students Admission

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Undergraduate Admission:

Exemption from Entrance Examinations and Admission

To satisfy the requirements for entrance to Jinan University, all the applicants are required to

(1) have a written record of good conduct and good health.

(2) have graduated from an overseas senior high school or reached the equivalent level of education;

(3) for overseas Chinese applicants and foreign students of Chinese origin, have been recommended by the nearest Chinese Embassy (Consulate) or Office of the charged affaires or by any member of overseas Chinese Organizations, overseas Chinese schools, or any respected members from overseas Chinese circles;

(4) for foreign students, apply through application in person with two teachers as referees;

(5) have scored Grade 5 (overall score of 180) or above in HSK if applying for programs instructed in the Chinese language; non-native English-speaking applicants applying for programs taught in English have to satisfy one of the following requirements:

IELTS: overall score of 5.5 (with at least 5 in each section)

TOEFL IBT: overall score of 80

SAT: overall score of 1400

Admission Procedures

1. Online application form.

The Online Application Form can be found at https://, This must be word-processed, printed and signed.

2. The following documents have to be submitted to the Admissions Office.

(a) Application Form.

(b) A copy of our current passport.

(c) For overseas Chinese students, a copy of the notarized and authenticated certificate issued by the Chinese Embassy (Consulate) to certify the holders' obtainment of long-term or permanent right of residence in a foreign country for over two years is required.

(d) A senior high school diploma, grade reports for each school year and final/latest academic transcript(s) / examination results (all of them should be notarized by the nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate).

(e)Public examination results in detail e.g. GCSE, IB, including in the case of GCE AL / AS level, the Statement of Results which shows the numerical scores achieved.

(f) Language certificate

(g) Personal statement (Self-introduction).

(h) Two reference letters, to be completed by your school principal or teacher (in the case the reference letter is given to you by your school in a sealed envelope).

(I) For all applicants, one recent photo (head-shot, bare headed). Size is 1.5 inches or 3.81 centimeters.

Note: All non-Chinese and non-English school reports and diplomas should be translated into either Chinese or English and notarized by Chinese Embassy or Consulate.

Graduate Admission:

Eligibility of Applicants

* Non-Chinese nationals with a valid passport

*  Bachelor’s degree or above

*  TOEFL/IBT 550/90, IELTS overall 6.5 or above required for non-native English speakers or those who have not had a substantial part of their education taught in the English language.

*  Priority will be given to International applicants who have a foundation of Chinese

How to Apply

Contact Program Office at for application materials and inquiries. All completed application materials should be forwarded to the Program Office, by both email (PDF format) and post.


Contact and Enquiry

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