Operation Guide for Graduation Application in JNU Undergraduate Aacademic Systerm

Source:国际学院 Date:2022-04-15 Hits:303

Step 1: Log into the JNU undergraduate academic system at, using the account and password of JNU Portal ( Chrome and 360 extreme browser are suggested).



Step 2: Click on “可用应用”“教务服务”“毕业审核”“毕业申请” and access to the service.



Or search for the words “毕业申请” in the search bar and click it to enter the service.



Step 3: Check your credit completion required by the individual talent training program, check and confirm your graduation photo.

On the right of the picture below is credit completion required by the program scheme.

On the left of the picture below, confirm whether it is your photo. If it is not yours or no photo is showed, you need to contact the Teaching and Research Management Office of the International School. Your graduation photo will be filed in the Chinese official qualification verification website, so it must be checked carefully.



After confirmation, select“是”, click “确定” to apply for your graduation.



The successful application interface is as follows:



If it is not your photo or no photo is showed, select “否” and contact the Teaching and Rearch Management Office of the International School at 0086-20-85224376.