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Instructional Supervisors Group Annual Meeting Held

Source:国际学院 Date:2022-01-17 Hits:252

The School Instructional Supervisors Group 2021 Annual Meeting was held in the International School, on January 8, 2022. Prof. Guoji Wu, Honorable Consultant of University Undergraduate Instructional Supervise Committee (UISC), Prof. Zong’an Ji, Director of UISC, Prof. Pei Yu, Dean of International School, Prof. Shuze Tang, Director of Instructional Supervisors Group at International School and the Group members Prof. Senwen Zhang, Prof. Pinghai Li, Prof. Sanqiang Pan, Prof. Hongtao Shen, Prof. Fei Wu, and the former member, Prof. Tao Zhu attended this meeting. The meeting was hosted by Prof. Yong Wang, Vice Dean of International School.


Due to the senior age, Prof. Senwen Zhang is to retire this month from the School Instructional Supervision Group and he received an honorable certificate and a souvenir from Prof. Wu for his dedication during his career in the past years in the International School.

Two Professors, Dr. Hongtao Shen from the School of Management, and Dr. Fei Wu, from the School of Journalism and Communication, have been newly appointed as the School Instructional Supervision Group members, and they both received appointment certificates from Prof. Ji.

During their speech, both Prof. Wu and Prof. Ji gave highly speak of International School on the great achievements of unique International Education in the past 20 years and the unique organization and pioneered school Instructional Supervisors Group in English in the University. They both hope International School can promote its successful and effective experiences in running Undergraduate Instructional Supervision at the college level to other colleges /schools to upgrade the overall level of teaching and management. 

The planned instructional supervising task in the year 2021 including class observation, teaching evaluation, guidance for teachers and students and manuscript of news and papers submitted to the University Instructional Supervision Newsletter for publication etc. have been fully completed with a widely positive impact within the university, based on summary report from Prof. Tang. 

At last, Prof. Yu extended her sincere gratitude to Prof. Wu and Prof. Ji for their leadership and support to the International School development, and also appreciation to the School Instructional Supervision Group Members for their kindly contribution in helping to improve the school teaching quality and she hopes to receive continuous support from them.

Words & Photos: International School Instructional Supervisors Group

Review: Prof. Shuze Tang