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Building Links with Macau's First Medical School

Source:国际学院 Date:2021-03-22 Hits:270

Led by Prof. Mason Fok, dean of the Faculty of Medicine, a delegation of four from Macau University of Science and Technology visited JNU on March 12. The guests had an in-depth discussion with Prof. Yu Pei and Prof. Wang Yong of the International School, Dr. Meng Xianjun and Prof. Sun Li of the Faculty of Medical Science, and Dr. Chen Zuhui from the First Affiliated Hospital of JNU. 

Both sides shared a common interest in building an academic partnership in medical education. “As the first medical school in Macau, we’ve set up a special module to encourage our students to be exposed to more diversified clinical cases via clinical placements at different universities,” Fok said. “JNU is one of the universities we are looking forward to working with, as a large percentage of medical practitioners graduated from here.”  

Yu, dean of the International School, warmly welcomed the partnership opportunities. “The partnership can be multifaceted,” she said. “I’m sure it will be a win-win for everyone involved.” On behalf of the Faculty of Medical Science, Meng also expressed proactive support for cooperation in teaching and research innovation.

It is hoped that the collaboration will start soon with student clinical placements.

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