International School Is to Celebrate Its 20th Anniversary

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The Twentieth Anniversary of the International School (Announcement No.1)

The year of 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the International School of Jinan University. We express our highest respect to all those who have been caring, supporting and helping the construction and development of the school over the years. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all alumni and present our sincere thanks and best wishes to the faculty and students.

The International School was established in June, 2001 as a pioneering English-medium institution in the public universities in China. After 20 years of determination and hard-work, the school has developed into a multi-disciplinary institution with diversified cultures. The school offers 8 undergraduate programs and 2 graduate programs, with nearly 2000 registered students. Since its establishment, it has accommodated more than 6000 students from 90 countries or regions all over the world. Our graduates have enjoyed a sharp competitive edge in the job markets or academic fields worldwide.

The school will celebrate its 20th anniversary in the late May, 2021. We sincerely invite and warmly welcome our alumni and friends to celebrate our past achievements and share your memories! 

More information on the celebrating events and schedule will follow soon. 

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