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Tang Weizhi: Clinical Medicine, Bridge of the Greater Bay Area

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“I hope I can be a doctor not only in HK, but also in the Greater Bay Area.”

Tang Weizhi, the 2020 freshman majoring in Clinical Medicine (CM), comes to International School of JNU with his dream of becoming a doctor, taking the advantage of the Greater Bay Area.

 “I have always wanted to be a doctor since I was very young. This passion has been sealed in my heart all along.” To Tang, “doctor” is a truly meaningful occupation, for being a doctor can cure people not only in a physical way, but also in a mental way through daily communication with patients. When he heard that International School offers an all English medical class and had achieved good results in the LMCHK (Association of Licentiates of Medical Council of Hong Kong) qualification examination, he was glad to study here.

 After his first month in JNU, Tang is quickly accustomed to college life. He joins many activities and clubs like MWHO (Model World Health Organization), the traditional activity for CM students, as well as A Capella society and MSVT (Medical Student Volunteer Team of International School of JNU). He is also elected as the monitor of his class. In these colorful activities, he establishes friendship with students from the mainland of China, exercise himself, and gain rich learning experience.

 He also teams up with mainlanders in MWHO and finally they gain the second place at last. In their group’s speech during this activity, Tang and his teammates talk about their thoughts on the prevention measures in the future. “I think that the prevention measures in the future should incorporate with technology like AI, assisting human to make better and more accurate decisions. And the most important thing is to execute the measure strictly and consistently, like what China did during the COVId-19 outbreak.” As the group leader, he also encounters challenges in helping the group members practice English speech and writing, but with the joint efforts of the whole group, the difficulties are easily solved.

 Tang also joins MSVT, hoping to enhance his clinical skills such as how to establish health records and measure blood pressure earlier in voluntary work. Besides skills, he pays much attention to the empathy of a doctor. “These volunteer activities can foster my empathy, which is one of the most essential qualities of a doctor.” He says.

 Tang has already painted himself a blueprint when it comes to his future development. He plans to seize the opportunities offered by the Greater Bay Area and spare no effort to study, so as to pass the LMCHK exam. “Actually getting in JNU is already one of the advantages of the Greater Bay Area offering to HK people.” He believes that all English Teaching in International School is like building a bridge between the two places to help him realize his dream.“In the future, the health care system in both HK and the mainland will be more closely linked. At that time I hope I can be a doctor not only in HK, but also in the Greater Bay Area.” He says. As the proverb goes, “God helps those who help themselves.” Best wishes for diligent and talented Tang!

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