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2020 MSVT opening ceremony - first meeting with our 20CM!

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 Due to COVID-19, it is a pity that we cannot meet one another face to face. Still, we, the Medical Student Volunteer Team (MSVT) would like to grab every chance to know more about you. As a result, we have already held an online opening ceremony on 22nd September,2020.

We have introduced our background, vision and mission, and our future during our opening ceremony. Moreover, at the last part of the ceremony, we were very pleased to invite some seniors to share their experience with us. We sincerely hope that new members would understand more about us and integrate well in our big family through this online meeting.  

 -01-Our Organization and Structure


 Michelle Chu (left)

 Cecilia Wong (middle)

 Tracy Tang (right)

 Sharing by our caption:I would like to share with you one quote, which also is the slogan of our team. “Dream Big, Start Small”. Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. We hope practical skills are not only the thing you acquire from us, but also precious experience gained from every medical volunteer service. Every sign and symptoms you observe from your patient, every technique you handle, every word you communicate with patients or other team members, all of these will make you more well prepared for your future. This is the reason why you should join us, MSVT.   

 Head of Activity Department:Zoe Yu

 Sharing by our Head of Activity Department:I would like to share my experience about time management in my university life.  

 In my opinion, university is much more flexible compared tosecondary school. Therefore, I suggest you try more and experience more, such as joining different clubs and societies, student union, participating in projects and writing academic papers. Opportunities are only for the people who are prepared. So grab every chance you have. I understand your worries about being inexperienced. But please don't be afraid! There are many nice seniors here always for you. Although  participating in different activities is good, please don’t forget to perform your own responsibility as a student at the same time. We must study hard and strike a balance between academic studies and extracurricular activities.

 Apart from excellent academic results, good clinical skills is another factor affecting clinics or hospitals’ decision to recruit you or not. And we, MSVT, will teach you a lot of clinical techniques by excellent seniors, such as checking vital signs, taking history, and performing a physical examination. Moreover, you can meet new friends, not only your classmates, but also seniors or students from other specialties.  

 MSVT seems so attractive now right? But still, I know some of you may be concerned about the language we use. What if my English is bad? What if I can’t speak English fluently? Don't worry! We, MSVT, is an open-minded team with diverse culture. Our team members come from different parts of the world, from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Mainland as well as other countries. We are able to use multi-language so there isn’t any language barrier. If you’re eager to learn, I’m sure all of you will reach your goal soon. So don’t worry. Finally, I hope you’ll have a fruitful year in our school.

 Head of General Affairs Department:Angel Lau

 Sharing by our Head of General Affairs Department::I am honored to be the head of the general affairs department this year. Thank you for giving me such a precious chance to manage the promotional and systematic work in MSVT. We always upload posts and videos about us on different social platforms. If you want to revise any of our tutorial videos and materials or check our latest news, remember to follow our Wechat official account and bilibili channel (JNUMSVT)! Don’t forget to like us and share it also!

 This year is already my third year in MSVT. If you ask me what my most unforgettable memory in MSVT is, surely my answer will be my first free volunteer service provided. I remember it was a cold, rainy day in winter, 2018. We woke up so early and reached our destination before 7a.m. It’s really tuff, but meaningful. I finally got this chance to apply the skills I learnt from MSVT and help people in need. By joining this big family, I meet a lot of new friends, not only classmates but also seniors and juniors. I am always looking forward to meeting them in MSVT, learning, and growing together.

 Head of Education Department:Aqeelah Nuha Bameo

 Sharing by our Head of Education  Department::

 There is no doubt medicine is a challenging but rewarding career path and if you are motivated you owe it to yourself to do as much as possible and take every available opportunity to find out more. Of course one of the most frequently stated rewarding aspects of being a physician is making a deep impactful difference in someone's life. You will have learned the skills and gained the ability to significantly improve the quality of life of your future patients and this can be a tremendously satisfying experience.

 My experience of being a medical student is the multitude of elated feelings after overcoming significant challenges and the consistent learning which we will have to do for the rest of our future careers. Which brings me to MSVT, a community service organization established by medical students for medical students to help them solidify their passion and interest for medicine whilst simultaneously providing an opportunity to give back to the community.

 MSVT not only teaches you the practical skills and professionalism you would need to succeed in your career but it also provides an opportunity to apply your academic learning to real life events. So with that being said I look forward to you joining the MSVT family.

 Captain of 2019-2020:Henry Wong

 Hello everyone, my name is Henry. I was the captain of MSVT last year. The first thing I would like to say is, welcome to Jinan University International School Medical School and the start of your medical career. I would like to share with you one of the secrets to thrive in medical school, which is MSVT. MSVT is more than just a volunteer team which can prepare for year 3 to year 4 preclinical year.   

 MSVT is more like a student union to support CM students. Throughout MSVT, we can get valuable clinical experience through our volunteer service. We also get to know our seniors and peers better through these years in MSVT and later support our juniors. Everyone gave me support on decisions regarding schoolwork and career choices. Also, MSVT is a big family which has a great culture and atmosphere. Everyone is friendly here and they are willing to teach you anything you want to learn.  All I want to say is, please join MSVT to empower yourself in the future!  

 Management board member—19CM 

Chloe Ho Astina Wong

Aye Lin Nwe Arlene   Lainey Lee  




 1 )Frequency and duration of activity :Twice a month, 1-2 hours per training.

 2 )Any academic benefits gained by joining MSVT?:You can get a higher comprehensive score if you become one of our committees, you can earn volunteer hours on I志愿 (i zhiyuan) by participating our volunteer service.

 3 )Time and target of our volunteer services : Due to COVID-19, no volunteer services will be held in the following semester. We feel really sorry about that! Target of the service: Public

 4)Schedule of our activity

 First year: Body Check + Vital Sign (height, weight measurement, blood pressure measurement, blood glucose measurement)

 Second year: History taking

 Third year: Physical examination

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