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Ceremony Held for Appointment of Director of Instructional Supervisors Group and the Association of Teachers Lecturing in English

Source:国际学院 Date:2020-11-16 Hits:348

On November 5, 2020, The appointment ceremony of the Director of the Instructional Supervisors Group (hereinafter called Supervisors Group) and the Association of Teachers Lecturing in English (hereinafter called Association) was held at the School. Distinguished Supervisors, Prof. ZHANG Senwen and Prof. TANG Shuze were invited to attend the ceremony. Prof. Yu Pei, Dean of International School, Prof. Wang Yong, Vice Dean of International School, Mrs. Song Jingsong, Director of International School Administrative Office, Mrs. Sun Qiyun, Director of Teaching Affairs Office of International School and all the staff members of Teaching Affairs Office attended the ceremony.


Prof. Tang Shuze is appointed as the Director of Supervisors Group of International School and the First Director of the Association. Prof. Zhang Senwen is appointed as the honorary leader of Supervisors Group and the honorary director of the Association.


Prof. Tang Shuze commenced by expressing his gratitude to the members of International School and further emphasized on “channelizing concentrated efforts on lecturing in English at International School as the prime agenda”.


The formal leader of Supervisors Group Prof Zhang Senwen mentioned that there was substantial enhancement of English medium teaching seen over the period of two decades and also emphasized that the efficient and high-quality teaching affairs management team of the School was instrumental in achieving this status.

The Vice Dean Prof. Wang Yong underlined the importance of the Association that converges all teachers lecturing in English and expressed his interest to appoint more teachers to further expand the team.


  Prof. Tang Shuze appointed the Director of the Association


Prof. Zhang Senwen appointed the Honorary Director of the Association


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