My Most Memorable Lecture (M.B.B.S. & CM)

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"I used to think great teachers inspire you. Now I think I had it wrong. Good teachers inspire you; great teachers show you how to inspire yourself every day of your life. They don't show you their magic . they show you how to make the magic of your own." (Alfred Doblin).


Certainly, all the teachers and doctors of Jinan university are outstanding with absolute dedication and excellence. I wish to convey my special appreciation for their hard work and commitment to enlightening us with their knowledge and helping us solve the conundrum embedded in each of the courses.


If I look back in time, I can recall many remarkable lectures that I had attended during our offline and online classes. But I would like to share one of the most exceptional lectures that stuck with me.


I clearly remember as if it were just yesterday, during our 9th semester we had an orthopedics course. I was luckily 20 minutes early that day for the class, and to my surprise, I did not anticipate the doctor accompanied by his assistant to be standing before us. I silently walked and sat in the corner seat of the second row. It was 8 am lecture on Friday, and as usual, I wasn't expecting any adventures but made up my mind to attend the tedious class.


The orthopedic surgeon introduced himself casually and started his class by asking us to give a brief introduction to ourselves. He mentioned that he was delighted to notice the International students and the Chinese students sharing the same roof to attend the lecture. He further inquired us if we had our breakfast before the class and explained the importance of breakfast in our diet. He was an extremely enthusiastic lecturer. His overall discourse was very interactive and engaging. He paused and asked us questions and cleared all the doubts concerning the session. He demonstrated the physical examination by inviting male students to volunteer. Throughout the lecture, he encouraged us and motivated us to recognize our goals, stay determined, be hardworking and to fulfil the dream of becoming successful future doctors. During the recess, the orthopedic surgeon got on the floor and began doing push-ups, and we all started looking at him with surprise. We were all impressed by his energy on a Friday morning. He challenged our classmates to arm wrestle as well. And the reason why it was the most memorable lecture is self-explanatory because I can recall everything about that particular lecture, the contents of the course, the motivational speech by the teacher, and the activities that took place during the break time.



“When I am in class, standing in front of the 'Silent Mentors', I’m not afraid at all; instead, I respect them, from the bottom of my heart.” (QIU Yue)


The most memorable lecture in international school is Regional Anatomy taught by Professor Yiwen Ruan and Professor Sanqiang Pan. When I am chatting with my new friends, after telling them that I major in clinical medicine, almost all of them will ask the same question: will you feel scared when dissecting the bodies? In fact, when I am in class, standing in front of the “Silent Mentors”, I’m not afraid at all. Instead, I respect them, from the bottom of my heart, because the people who choose to donate their bodies are brave, selfless and kind-hearted; without them, we even don’t have the chance to understand and get familiar with the human body, which is the basic knowledge for a doctor. In the class, Professor Ruan and professor Pan usually first introduced and described the structure that we were going to dissect in detail. After that, we dissected the bodies by ourselves using scalpel. It was really tired when standing next to the bodies for 4 to 5 hours, finding the muscles, vessels or nerves. But I’m still excited in the Regional Anatomy lectures, not only due to the joy of learning, but also the gratitude to the donors.

(2016CM QIU Yue)


“During these five years, most of my happy memories and moments happen right at university with my lovely classmates and professors. “ (XIE Xilin)


As a fleeting water, youth passes as time goes by. I have already spent five years in Jinan university. During these five years, most of my happy memories and moments happen right at university with my lovely classmates and professors. They help me a lot to pass the medical courses which are difficult but interesting. We learn many courses. Among them, Acupuncture taught by Dr. Hu Jing and Dr. Zhao Chang Ying is the most memorable.


At the beginning, they taught us basic knowledge of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. After that, they started to let us find out the acupoints on ourselves and see how much we learned from the lessons. We also tried to use acupuncture needles and cup on the acupoints. It was amazing when we saw there were congesting around the local skin after cupping. Diagnosis of its condition depends on the color of congestion. The course is different from others which impart mostly theory only. Hands-on experience is important for a medical student. In this course, we discovered that we could understand and retain knowledge, and that we could translate the things we learned into our own life.


It's my great honor to be one of the students of Dr. Hu Jing and Dr. Zhao Chang Ying. They taught us how to study the seemingly insipid medical knowledge, led us find out what is interesting in the knowledge, and showed us the way to increase learning effects by improving our ability of practical work. These are the most important things I’ve learned from them.

(2016CM XIE Xilin)


To be honest I have had many memorable lectures in Jinan so it’s very hard to pick just one. Many teachers have left an impact on me in many different ways.But if I had to choose one it would be Dr. Xu Fuping’s classes. Because he did not impact us on one particular lecture, but every lecture during the 5 years he taught us. His every class was full of such zeal and energy that after a tiring day of stressful medical subjects we would feel rejuvenated studying Chinese. He taught everything with such enthusiasm and expression that it didn’t feel like we were learning, we were soaking all the knowledge in without even realizing it. He would also strategically make us practice during and after class so that we would not get over-burdened with our heavy schedule of medical subjects.

And last but not the least, his words of encouragement and appraisal; He praised us all for the smallest progresses we made and that would give us so much confidence and happiness.


All in all, he taught me the meaning of the saying “ do it with passion or not at all”.


(2015M.B.B.S. Supriya Singh)