Proposals to Reinforce Quality Teaching and Learning

Source:国际学院 Date:2020-10-19 Hits:348

On 13th October 2020, Prof. WANG Yong, Vice Dean of the International School, presided over the first meeting of the Teaching Supervisory Committee of the semester to enhance the quality of English-medium instruction and enrich student talent pool.


Prof. ZHANG Senwen, Prof. TANG Shuze, Prof. ZHU Tao, Prof. LI Pinghai and Prof. Pan Sanqiang joined the meeting to discuss the academic practices. After 20 years of concentrated effort, the quality of English-medium teaching in the school has been prominently improved, mentioned by all supervisors at the meeting. This in turn opens channels to expand and refine the on-going teaching guidelines.


Further, the supervisors advocated addressing persistent academic challenges. In particular Prof. TANG Shuze and Prof. PAN Sanqiang emphasized on aiming at the integrated academic pursuit as the main agenda.


In addition, Prof Wang Yong proposed to propel teacher-student mentoring connection to further augment student-centered learning. New measures for teaching, training, recruitment of high-end foreign experts and new tutorial system for undergraduates were meticulously reviewed by the supervisors for timely implementation.




Written by Sarah & Angela

Reviewed by Dr. Pallavi & Ethan