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The 2020 level of clinical medicine freshmen simulates the World Health Organization meeting

Source:国际学院 Date:2020-10-19 Hits:407

At the evening of October 14, the Model World Health Organization" of Clinical Medicine (MWHO), or Model World Health Organization, of the International College 2020, was held in Room 316 of the Second Arts Building of the Department. Class teacher Ming Weijie, instructor Fang Wei, some senior students and 2020 freshmen all participated in this activity.

As a brand activity of clinical medicine major in international college, the conference of simulated World Health Organization aims to cultivate the thinking ability of freshmen to keep pace with the times, enhance the international vision of freshmen, and show the teaching idea of "all English, multi-disciplinary and international" in international college. The theme of this meeting is the global medical and epidemic prevention system in the post-epidemic era. The freshmen are randomly divided into six groups to discuss the global medical cooperation, the comparison of Chinese and foreign epidemic prevention policies, the improved epidemic prevention measures and epidemic prevention materials.

Group 1 is headed by Zhang Haoxiang, with Zhang Jinxi, Chen Yutao, Lin Yu-ting, he Pei-shih, Zhang Yu-rou, and his mentor is Ouyang Yongen of 19 CM.They compared the epidemic prevention policies of China and other countries and regions, and pointed out the core value of the country in dealing with the epidemic.

Fan Lina is the leader of the second group, Lin Jianran, Deng Jiabao, du Ze Eucalyptus, Mao Runlin, Zhang Rui, the tutor is 19 CM Su Jinxuan.They began with food factories, epidemic prevention materials, and logistics, in-depth discussion of improved epidemic prevention measures.

Group 3 is headed by Lu Yongyi, and the group members are Prince Hao, Li Zhuo, Lin Shunjie, Jin Meijia, Wang Jian, Li Luyao, and the tutor is Li Xinyao of 18 CM. They compared the advantages and disadvantages of other countries and China's epidemic prevention measures, highlighting China's excellent governance to deal with the epidemic.

The fourth group is headed by Chen Ziheng, Wang Yi-piao, Fan Erwen, Luo Pei, Zheng Jiacheng, Peng Zihao, Michelle Tai, mentor is 19 CM Liu Jieqi. They discussed the impact of the epidemic on social health systems in different countries and their respective solutions.

Group 5 is headed by Wu Shanshan, including Deng Xiaoyun, Huang Yanling, Li Scarlett, Wang Yanqing, Gu Yinfeng, and Liang Zhuoting of 18 CM. They mainly analyze the reasons behind the epidemic prevention measures introduced by the United States, Singapore, China and South Africa by epidemic prevention events and cultural traditions

Group 6 is headed by Tang Weizhi, and the team members are Yang Liangjie, Wang Leren, Lin Ye, Peng Zhengqi, and Wang CM.They first introduced the epidemic prevention measures in China, the United States and India, brought out the vision of the future epidemic prevention system, and pointed out some feasible epidemic prevention plans in the future.

After the judges asked questions and scored, the first group won the first place, the sixth group won the second place, and the third group won the third place.

Before the World Health Organization conference, class teacher Ming Weijie also shared some data and views on the epidemic, which benefited students a lot.At this point, the simulated World Health Organization conference successfully concluded. After this activity, the freshmen's communication and cooperation ability has been improved, the medical knowledge has also been preliminarily understood, and the international vision has been fully expanded.Medical road obstruction and long, facing difficulties and upward will come, I hope that the new students can not forget the original ideals and aspirations, strive to make progress, for the dream of continuous struggle, constantly forward.