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Delegations Attend CPA Canada Seminar in Hai Kou

Source:国际学院 Date:2020-07-30 Hits:349

Techscien Professional Education Institute (T.P.E.I.), CPA Canada representative in China, organized a seminar titled “Development of the Hainan Free Trade Port and Educating International Accounting Professionals in the New Era” on July 17. The seminar was supported by Management School of Hainan University and adopted a brand-new form combined online speeches with face-to-face speeches. A two-member delegation from International School participated in the seminar.  

Professor Fu Guohua, vice president of Hainan University, extended a warm welcome to all the guests. The seminar started with an online speech given by Anna-Marie Christian, director of CPA Canada international education. The topic was Character Analysis plays a vital role in accounting education. Then Fu talked about Hainan Free Trade Port is the fairyland of people who own dreams. Professor Wu Zhongxin from Hainan University gave a speech about Internationalization of Chinese Accounting Standard under One Belt One Road Strategy. Then Yue Lau, Ernst & Young Partner, introduced us the Financial Accounting Talents’ Demand and Cultivation in the future. The last discussion part invited Wu, Lau, Professor Zhou Xiaosu from Nankai University and Professor Yang Zhiqiang from Tsinghua University to express opinions on the topic of international accounting education in the future. Yang took part in the session as an online speaker. Considering of COVID-19, some of the participants can’t come to Hai Kou, T.P.E.I. also provided an online portal to invite them to attend the seminar online.

The seminar stressed the importance of communication skill and aimed to discuss how to cultivate international account talent in the future. Although most jobs will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the future, good communication skill will always be a plus advantage and can’t be replaced. 


(The discussion part of the seminar)