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Dattatrey’s First book Published in Amazon-kindle Platform

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On 17th April, I published my first book Chloride channels, novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets against Cancer: a review towards oncology in Amazon kindle online platform. I have been doing research from my first year and get great professors as my research advisors. I published my first research paper in July 2019. After that I published paper in K-RAS inhibitor and MRD usage in Acute leukaemia. This month I also published our first research paper on MRD usage in ALL.

From July 2019, I have been working on Chloride ion channel significance in Cancer therapy. I worked with Suomyadeep Patranabis who is a pharmaco-technology undergraduate student in Jadavpur University and Pallab Chakraborty who is a Zoology student in Calcutta University. We have gone through many research papers on the basis of which we prepared a detail review on Chloride channel significance towards cancer therapy. The review paper was completed on February 2020, then we gone through all the spellings and grammar parts and plagiarism. After that on April 10 it was submitted in SSRN electrical journal which is a preprint journal under Elsevier. It was accepted and published as a preprint on 13th April.

When we started the research we thought we would publish it as a Book Chapter in a journal. But as we don’t have any funding we have submitted it in a low cost journal then they again rejected it because the book chapter should be within 24 pages. But I never gave-up because I had a confidence that our work is good and someone will accept one day. Then one day I searched a lot and found out SSRN, MEDRXiv and Cambridge core for my preprint submission. But MedRxiv and Cambridge didn’t accept this paper as they don’t accept review articles. But finally SSRN accepted and published as a preprint with a DOI and this paper got Google Scholar Citation also.

Today the paper is accepted and published by Amazon Kindle online platform. Through this research work I have learned not to give up. After a lot of rejections from many platforms I keep trying every day. I researched new platforms for submission.

I have many concepts now from which I can write as a book. I will work hard to publish those concepts and share those concepts with everyone through my books.

Thank You, for this I want to thank my parents, my co-authors, all the professors of Jinan University and Saraswati Online.

The book page in Amazon-Kindle

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