Ying Li

Associate Professor at Department of Food Science and Engineering

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Ø  Professional Education:

2017.3-now Department of Food Science and Engineering, Jinan University, Asscociate Professor 

2015.7-2017.2 Flavor and Fragrance R&D Center, REASCEND,  Technical Director 

2014.7-2015.6 INRA Avignon (France) Postdoc Researcher 

2010.7-2011.2 INPT-ENSIACET(France), Assistant Researcher

Ø  Research interests:

1) Innovative techniques in natural product extraction 

2) Certified alternative solvents: water and agro-based solvents 

3) Conception and realization of green extraction techniques for cosmetics, nutraceuticals, beverage, feed and health fields 

4) Preparation of new extracts with developed extraction technologies (e.g., microwave, ultrasound, etc.) and their functionalization

Ying Li

Associate Professor

Department of Food Science and Engineering

E-mail: yingli@jnu.edu.cn

Office: +86 (20) 8522 6630