Hao Gao

Professor at College of Pharmacy

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Ø  Professional Education

      He graduated from Shenyang Pharmaceutical University in 2005, and accomplished his PhD in Natural Medicine Chemistry. He worked as a postdoctor fellow of School of Medicine, Tsinghua University from 2006-2008.

Ø  Research interests

      Prof. Hao GAO is the head of the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Natural Products and the dean of the Department of Chinese Materia Medica. He has been engaged in natural medicine chemistry as the leader of six grant programs of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. In the last five years, in SCI journals such as Nature Communications, Chemical Science, Chemical Communications, Organic Letters, and Journal of Natural Products, he has published more than 50 research papers as a corresponding author. And he got more than 10 authorized patents. He got ″National Natural Science Funds for Distinguished Young Scholar″ and got several awards. He has been elected to be ″Young Scholar of Chang Jiang Scholars Program″ from the Ministry of Education of China and to be ″Young and Middle-aged Leading Talents in the Scientific and Technological Innovation″ from the Ministry of Science and Technology of China.

Hao Gao


College of Pharmacy

E-mail: tghao@jnu.edu.cn

Phone: 020-85228369

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