Zhengqiu Li

Associate Professor at College of Pharmacy

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Ø  Professional Education

07/2007-07/2010: Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health & Guangzhou Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China (Advisor: Prof. Ke Ding, Prof. Chengyong Ha)

07/2004-06/2007:  M. S. Department of Chemistry, Central China Normal University, China

07/2000-06/2004:  B. S. Department of Chemistry, Jinzhou Normal University, China

Ø Research interests

Ÿ   Activity-based proteome profiling

Ÿ   To identify the cellular on/off targets of bioactive molecules by using activity-based proteome profiling approach 

Ÿ   Phenotypic screening platform

Ÿ   To identify biologically active small molecules using phenotypic screening technology

Ÿ   Fluorescent probes and bioimaging

Ÿ   To design and synthesize fluorescent probes for bioimaging of disease-related biomolecules

Zhengqiu Li

Associate Professor

College of Pharmacy

E-mail: pharmlzq@jnu.edu.cn

Office: College of pharmacy