International Economics and Trade

International Economics and Trade(4-year Undergraduate Program, Bachelor of Economics)

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A1. To acquire essential theories and knowledge of international economics and trade, and ability to do business analysis and practice.

A2. To be familiar with the prevailing international trade rules and practices and China's foreign trade policies and regulations, with a strong sense of innovation and entrepreneurial awareness;

A3. To acquire the ability to conduct economic analysis and research, practical operations and management of enterprises, government departments or other institutions.

Graduation requirements:

B1. To have good humanities and scientific literacy, good psychological and physical qualities;

B2. To master the basic theories, basic knowledge and basic research methods of international economy and trade;

B3. To understand the current status and development trends of the contemporary international economy and trade, familiarize with the prevailing international trade rules and practices, and understand the social and economic conditions, economic policies and laws of major countries and regions;

B4. To have good practical ability and business innovation ability to engage in international economic activities;

B5. To be proficient in a foreign language, with computer operation ability and economic activity analysis ability

Core Disciplines:


Major Courses:

Economic Mathematics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Trade, Practice of International Trade, International Investment, Multinationals Management, International Marketing, International Finance, International Economics,Introduction to World Economy, International Settlement, Electronic Commerce,Foreign Trade Correspondence, WTO & Laws, International Trade Conventions, International Commercial Law, International Service Trading, International Economic Cooperation, Principles of Accounting, Econometrics, Public Finance

Practical Training:

It consists of teaching internships, graduation internships and laboratory simulation courses. In the fourth year, we will arrange six weeks for graduation internships, writing internship reports and graduation thesis. The practical hours of this major are approximately 16% of the total hours.

Program Length: 4 years

Degree: Bachelor of Economics

Compulsory Courses

Optional Courses