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Dragon-Boat Festival—Pack Tasty Zongzi Together

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To spread Chinese unique traditional culture, promote the students from different countries and regions to know more about the Chinese traditional festival - Dragon Boat Festival, strengthen the communication between students from the diverse cultural background and enhance the friendship of each other. The“Pack Tasty Zongzi Together”Dragon Boat Festival celebration was successfully held on the second floor of the canteen and the No.316 classroom of the second social sciencebuilding. Nearly30 Jinan students from mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and overseas participated in this activity.

The Dragon Boat Festival is one of the four traditional Chinese festivals. In September 2009, UNESCO officially approved the inclusion of the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival in the world intangible heritage lists, making it the first Chinese festival to be included in the list. On this day, traditional customs include dragon boat racing, eating zongzi, weaving colorful rope, hanging mugwort and calamus, drinking realgar wine and so on. Zongzi is the most representative traditional food of the Dragon Boat Festival. In this activity, students deepened their sense of the unique traditional Chinese culture by understanding the customs of the Dragon Boat Festival, making and tasting zongzi by hand, and designing dragon boat games.

At the beginning of the activity, the raw materials such as reed leaves, glutinous rice, dates, mushrooms, chicken, and peanuts were on the table. Canteen staffs personally teach the students the skills of making Zongzi. They introduced while demonstrating, and the skilled and fast technique let the students surprised and eager to try.

Subsequently, the students began to try to pack Zongzi personally. They fold leaves, filled materials, compacted, wrapped leaves, tied rope, which was a process in an orderly manner. Some students quickly grasped the essence of the action. Although some failed to master the skills of making standard Zongzi, who made Zongzi of various sizes and irregular shapes, all of them enjoyed themselves with great interest.

While waiting for cooked Zongzi, the students came to room 316, the Second Arts Building, to carry out activities. First of all, Lin Dongmiao, Mai Lixin, and Huang Zirui introduced the history, traditional customs of the Dragon Boat Festival, and the categories of Zongzi, deepening students' understanding of the Dragon Boat Festival culture.

Then came the interesting game link, the students were divided into four groups to compete. In the game, students race against time, guess the word on the paper using body language, occasionally bursting into laughter and applause. Finally, the third group won the championship and the prize.

In the process of dragon boat design, students showed their skills - some are exquisite and realistic; some are abstract and cute. During the 15 minutes, different styles and different forms of dragon boats leaped onto the paper. Subsequently, after the vote, seven students won the prize in this round.

After the game time, Zongzi cooking was finished. Students from all over the world gathered together, tasted the dumplings made by themselves, and communicated with each other. The joyous atmosphere of multicultural convergence filled up with the canteen.

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