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International School Students Won the Championship of Mainland China Final and…

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The mainland China final and north Asia of the CGMA Global Business Challenge 2019 was held in Xiamen University on May 30 and 31, hostedby the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA │ CIMA).

The eight teams participated in mainland China finalwere selected amongnearly 1,000 teams. Finally, Mars Team consisting ofLi Haiting, Dong Weiyi, Wang Ming and Zhang Kesong from International School of Jinan University, won the championship in mainland China finalunder the leadership of Ms. Qi Jun, the teacher from School of Management.

After the fierce competition, the top four teamsin the mainland China finaladvanced to the north Asia finaltocompete with the other six teams from Japan, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and the host Xiamen University. And Mars Team finally won the 2ndrunner-upin the north Asia final.

In the competition, the judges examined everyteam’s strengthsfrom multi-dimensional aspects, such asprofessional accounting competence, business knowledge, strategic thinking, English performance, teamwork, debate skills, and on-the-spot reaction.

Different from the previous regional competitions,every teamunder thisnew-style competitionrules werenot only requiredto make talent show, play team video, submit case reports, but also requiredtotake the challenges fromother teams, which can truly examinethe participants’understanding of the case and their business capabilities.

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