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Canadian Royal Fellow lectured at International School

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From May 7thto 16th, Professor Hosahalli Ramaswamy, Fellow Royal Society of Canadafrom McGill Universitywas invited to visit International School (IS) and the Department of Food Science and Engineering.During his visit, Professor Ramaswamy gave fourdaysacademic lectures toour Food Quality and Safety (FQS) 2016 program studentsin the conference room 316 of Second Social Science Building, hosted by Professor Shuze Tang, the IS former Dean.

In his lectures, ProfessorRamaswamy mainly introduced principle of vegetables/fruits thermal processing, thermal processing equipment, thermal processing optimization in vegetables/fruits, principles and operation of high-Pressure processing, microbial destruction and enzyme inactivation application, and advanced researches and applications of thermal processing and non-thermal processing technology in food and agricultural products. His lectures weredeeply attracted by our students and faculty members evidenced by active questions and hot discussions from the audiences.

ProfessorRamaswamy recruitedand supervised three our FQS graduate students and he has great impressionon Jinan University, in particularly our unique International School.

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