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Rennes 1 Exchange Programme in Economics (France)

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Live in France

Rennes is the capital of Brittany,a one-of-a-kind region in the west of France.Located two hours from Paris and one hour from Le Mont StMichel,Rennes is famous for its world-class culture,vibrant nightlife,fascinating history,great shopping and beautiful architecture.Whatever your interests,the city has something to offer you.Get a taste of French cultture and gain an in-depth experience of life in another country.


Study in English

Rennes Exchange Programme in Economics is a one-semester programme,entirely taught in English.It is targeting foreign students willing to study in Rennes but without necessarily having the language skill to attend French speaking courses.The lectures cover a broad range of topics and reflect the research activities of the teaching staff.


Programme Details

The semester starts in September and ends by Christmas.It consists in 14 weeks of teaching-with a break of one week-followed by a periiod of revision and examination.Students have about 22hours of lectures each week.

List of Courses                             

Game theory and behavioral econnomics (3 credits)      

Macroeconomic policies (3 credits)                    

Applied statistics (2 credits)                           

Industrail organization (4 credits)                      

Labor economics:Macroeconomics (3 credits)              

Labor economics:Microeconomics (3 credits)               

International trade (3 credits)                           

International finance (3 credits)                          

Public gooods and policies (4 credits)                     

Taxation and wealth redistribution(2 credits)               



The Rennes Exchange Programme in Economics is open to international students from our partner universities.Students have to be selected by their home university.Two years of undergraduate studies are required for admission.