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Congratulations to ISSC on being awarded the "outstanding student congress" in…

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At 8:30 am on May 19, 2019, the plenary meeting of the 39th Student Congress of Jinan University was held in Room 201 in the Teaching Building of Panyu Campus. The conference was attended by leaders and teachers from various colleges, as well as student representatives who were more than two-thirds of the total number of students. Among them, Vice Party Secretary and director of school office of International School Liu Ming, teacher of International School Zhang Chi, members of the Standing Committee Liu Ziyi, Ye Weilin and all members of the International School Student Congress attended the meeting.

The meeting commended students and organizations who have made outstanding achievements in 2018-2019. The International School Student Congress was awarded the “Outstanding Student Congress” of Jinan University in the second term of the 19th session. Chen Yongyin, president of the second term of the sixth ISSC, won the title of "Outstanding President", Secretary General Jiang Hui won the "Outstanding Secretary General", Vice Presidents Liu Ziyi, Xu Lichen, Su Bolin, Qiu Zhiyou won the "Outstanding Student Representatives".

Looking back at the work of the second term of the sixth ISSC, they adhered to a serious and responsible attitude. While doing their job well, they were also committed to the innovation of activities, providing experience for other colleges. They were not afraid of difficulties and took their responsibility bravely, setting a good example for students in the International School.

Major Achievements of theSecond Term of the sixth ISSC

1. Official account: the number of articles published on the official account reached more than 20, with the cumulative reading volume exceeding 10,000 and the average reading volume exceeding 500.

2. Proposal collection: collected more than 80 proposals, assisted the members of standing committee to review the proposals and submitted more than 40 to the secretariat.

3. Activities: since April 2018, ISSC has undertaken more than 10 activities, ranging from the selection of teaching assistants to the organization of the "5A guiding program". ISSC is the only student congress to hold the 7th "5A guiding program" and organized the freshmen singing activity which won the third prize; ISSC is also the first student congress to set up a proposal team and hold the proposal communication meeting.

ISSC has been on the way to growth and has made proud achievements again and again. In the new term, ISSC will continue to strive for excellence and live up to the expectations!

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