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The delegates of Jinan University were invited to participate in the 4th Inter…

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From May4thto5th, the delegates of Jinan University were invited to participate in the "4thInternational Conference onEvolving Trends in Medical Education".Zhang Xiaoning, deputy director of the Academic Department of Jinan University,Yu Pei, excecutive dean of the International School, and faculty and staff from Jinan University concerning medical education attended the conference.

At the opening ceremony, Zhang Xiaoning delivered a speech and said that Jinan University has trained nearly 600 international students since its cooperation with Saraswati in 2005. It has been highly recognized by the Indian education. It is hoped that with the joint efforts of both sides,the medical education cooperation between China and India will bear more fruits.

At the session, Yu Pei gave a brief introduction on the training of international students M.B.B.S. The International School is a full-English, multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural service platform. In the daily management of international students, the students have taken part in avarious cultural activities, and have delivered a group of high-quality, complex international medical talents. Song Jingsong, director of teaching affairs office in International School, said that International School has established a relatively mature model of education and management for international students in teaching management.

Yang Xuesong, a professor at the Medical School, presented a report entitledImplementation of new teaching approaches to improvemedical education at Jinan University Medical School. In combinationwith his own years of first-line teaching and research experience, teachers present are deeply inspired.

The Evolving Trends in Medical Education Conference has been in its fourth year, providing a platform for in-depth exchanges between domestic and foreign experts, promoting the sustainable development of international students' education.

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