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On Friday, 14thof December 2018, a delegation from the International School at Jinan University visited GuangZhou CreateView Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to asCreateview).The delegation, led by Party Secretary of the International School, Professor Deng Yongzhong, included the China Studies Master's Program students, along with ProfessorLi Jing, and Ms. Meng Chen, the coordinator of program.

Createview brand director, Ms. Tan Qiuming and the staff of Createview International Innovation Center extended a warm welcome to the delegation and introducedits MOOCs making system and other new teaching display devices. Professor Deng, in turn, introduced the China Studies Master's Program of the International School to the Createviewrepresentatives. After the introductions, the delegation was given the opportunity to learn and to experience more about the process of MOOCs making, the differentteaching display devices which could help students share learning resources all over the world and make teaching activities more interactive.After theexperience, the China Studies students were able to ask questions regarding Createview products as well as its development in overseas markets. Createviewrepresentatives answered the students' questions, giving them deeper insight on the globalization of education.

After the visit in Creatview International Innovation Center, Professor Deng and Mr. Zhang Yu, chairman of Creatview, signed the agreementon the establishment of practice base for international students of International School at Jinan University between International School and Creatview.Then it was time for anunveilingceremony of the practice base, with the JNU delegation and Createviewrepresentatives witnessing the occasion. Both sides said they will work together to boost and strengthen the cooperation in more fields, exploringa new mode of internationalized development of production-education integration, servingBelt and Road Initiative, and promotingcultural exchanges between China and foreign countries further.

Master’s Degree of China Studies program, based upon Chinese traditional Classics, overseas Sinology and studies of China, is an interdisciplinary program with a curriculum covering a wide scope of knowledge of China with focus on contemporary China issues in language, history, literature, politics, legal institutions, and socio-economic development. The target students are non-Chinese nationals. The program aims to cultivate qualified China specialists or business/international affairs professionals with profound knowledge of Chinese culture and China’s domestic conditions.Initiated in 2014, the program has seen over 40 international students from more than 20 regions and countries

Createviewis one of the first-class smart education construction and service providers in Mainland China.It has embraced a complete industry chain which including intelligent manufacturing lines, educating resources creation offices, teaching platforms base on Internet and data clouds link to different education processes.For the past few years, Createview has been aiming at its global development in response toBelt and Road Initiative, introducingChina's wisdom in education achievements and experience to countries along BeltandRoadregions; it is the otherglobal strategic partner of UNESCO's higher education innovation center after Huawei.


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