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Egypt Dance “Mirage and Looming”

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Egypt Dance “Mirage and Looming”

International School performed Egypt dance “Mirage and Looming” in November 25th. After two months of hard work, we saw a stirring, fascinating performance at the stage. Boys were so handsome when they were holding the shields and swords, and the girls were so beautiful as they dressed up like Egypt princesses. All of us were so excited by this splendid dance.

Look, the girls were dancing with their waists outstretched. Look, the boys were waving shields and swords and yelling! Our dance combines strength and softness, and wildness without losing delicacy. This was our dreamlike folk dance performance, which gathered laughter and sweat of every performers and the crews.

One of the performers, said she still remembered the time they spend together for practicing between two campuses. All the props were handmade, and the clothes were mended again and again. But all the members never said tired or gave up.

We have four girls are foreigners, and one of the girls, Smriti Mishra form 17MBBS said it had been so much fun. Every time you step out of your comfort zone and push yourself into something you’ve never done before, that was when you have the truest feeling of accomplishment.

We won the gold metal and the best organization prize. When the host announced the gold metal belonged to International School, performers cheered and hugged each other. All the efforts were rewarded. All the performers and all the people in International School who tired their best to this activity, they deserved the praised and applause. Wish the precious memory of this special performance last forever in everyone minds.

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