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Professor Tang Delivers an Inspiring Speech to Freshmen

Source:国际学院 Date:2018-11-09 Hits:12

Professor Tang Shuze, former dean of International School, was invited to give freshmen a speech titled “3W for International School Freshmen” in Panyu Campus on Nov. 8.

Tang’s speech was very inspiring that he started by asking 3 questions to students. The 1st question was that why you chose JNU or International School. The 2nd question was that what you would do during campus life. The 3rd question was that how would you do during campus life. Then he used his own experience, from a farmer to a professor in food safety and quality discipline by education, to encourage students to work hard during campus life. In the speech, Tang introduced JNU’s unique feature which is the 1st university to admit Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and overseas Chinese students in China. He also said that the International School is the 1st and the only one school to offer different disciplines courses taught in English in China.Although International students do not know any Chinese, they could also come to learn the disciplines because of the feature.

In the Q&A session, Tang answered students’ questions about exchange programs abroad and transferring majors.

(Tang delivering the speech)

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