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International School MBBS Students Participate in 2018 International Training …

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International School MBBS Students Participate in 2018 International Training Course of Prevention and Treatment of Metabolic Disease

2018 International Training Course of Prevention and Treatment of Metabolic Disease with Chinese Medicine was held on November 2, 2018. The day started off, as all the medical students gathered in front of the science building waiting for the designated bus to pick us up. We sat inside the bus and in a mere period of half an hour, we reached our destination and then all the medical students were warmly welcomed.

The students were guided throughout our way to the hall by Miss. Chen Yingyu, who is an attending physician, PH. D of Chinese medicine jointly cultivated by China and France, post doctor at school of clinical medicine of Jinan University. We had a group photograph with Guo Jiao, the President of Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, along with the other professors and researchers. After the group photograph, the students were soon fastened to their respective seats along with a bag containing the course brochure and a notepad.

The course soon commenced with a huge round of applause for Guo Jiao, who delivered a splendid speech on the integration of the Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine to prevent glucolipid metabolic diseases. She mentioned how in order to breakthrough the single target treatment of diabetes, hyperlipidemia, fatty liver, arteriosclerotic cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases characterized by glucolipid disorder, the novel concept of glucolipid metabolic disease (GLMD) was first proposed. Her speech was followed by Prof. Rong Xianglu, one of the candidates of “Thousand-Hundred-Ten” talents cultivate program of Guangdong Province, Zhu Qing, researcher of Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Institute of Guangdong Pharmaceutical University and PH. D in genetics, Prof. Ye Dewei, professor and investigator in Guangdong Metabolic Disease Research Centre of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine, Zeng Zhuangping, an associate professor and PH. D, master degree students supervisor, Prof. He Xingxiang, chief physician and PH. D students supervisor, chief expert in gastroentrology and secretary of the CPC party committee of The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, Prof. Hong Min, professor and chief physician, the director of traditional Chinese Medicine department, followed by Chen Yingyu.

There was a lunch break from 12 noon to 1:30 pm. We were served with the scrumptious lunch and the recreation was as worth as the speeches before. The lunch break was the perfect time to interact with the other students and was a perfect opportunity to share our thoughts and ideas regarding the metabolic diseases. The students were soon given the course certificate.

After the lunch break, the students were taken on a hospital visit by Miss. Chen Yingyu and her team. They showed us the various departments that they offered in their hospital. They showed us various equipment used to monitor the levels of hyperlipidemia, they also showed us the type of food that they usually give to the patients residing in the hospital. The students were lucky enough to witness one of the ongoing biopsy of one of the patients and it was indeed an enriching experience for all the students. The physicians explained the co-relation between hypertension and headache and how do they adjust the dosage accordingly.

The physicians and staffs did left a welcoming note for us as to if we wish to join any of the research works in future. They did extended a vote of thanks to Jinan University for their active participation in the training course. The students settled to their respective seats in the bus and then headed back to the university.

We as students, thank the university for this wonderful opportunity to be a part of the International Training Course of Prevention and Treatment of Metabolic Disease with Chinese Medicine.



writer |Russi Singh

editor | Tong Xiang