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Midnight circus, dare or not

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Midnight circus, dare or not

On November 2nd at 6:00 pm, when darkness fell, somewhere in JNU, suddenly, there was a squeal splitting through the sky. Cross the road, at the Student Activity Center fourth floor in main campus, fearless students began their journey in the Midnight Circus, which organized by Overseas Student Affairs Department .

Under the dim lights, crowded people were wearing their amazing make up. “Clowns” and “Zombies” were everywhere. Came as a normal person? Don’t worry! There was a tent which did creepy make up. You could have whatever horrible make up you want, bloody mouth, clown face, Harry Potter scar, as you can imagine, make-up artists will transform you to a party expert.

The game “Pumpkin Ball”neededtwo persons carried the balloon by facing to faceor back to backto another place. Teamwork was necessary. Be careful, the balloon wouldpop ordrop at anytime. That’s mean food and drinks werefar away from you.

Don’t give up! Ball blowing was also exciting and easy to win. Rows of cups filled with water were set up by the crew, players need to make the ball to jump from one cup to another by blowing. Contestants blew with all strength, won the game easily. There were lots of challenges, everyone had having their great time playing the games and enjoyed the food and drinks.

Hungry as a zombie? Got stampers through some thrilling games. Chocolate mushrooms, “teeth” cookies, cupcakes, lollipop, drinks werewaiting for students.

As the party music louder, boys and girls circled the dancing floor. Everyone followed the disco music and swung their body casually. Dance queens and princes were shining under the lighting with their hot dance moves, wining applause and cheers from the crowded. Nomatter what culture, languages, melody brought everyone dancing and laughing out loud together. What a wonderful night!

TikTok. Tik Tok. At 9 pm, the party was over. Happy moments always feel so short. All the moments will be exist in memory.

writer | Lily  yimeng liu

photography | Nix

editor | yuchen liang