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Welcome Professor Agata arrived JNU

Source:国际学院 Date:2018-10-31 Hits:4

On October 28, 2018, ICC team members Joyce and Ah Fei arrived at the airportto pickProfessor Agata upat 5:20.

At 9:00, Joyce and Ah Fei finally met Professor Agata at the airport.

AgProfessor Agata arrived

The team members waited patiently at the airport.

The team members took a photo with the professor.

Professor Agata brought some candies for the team members

After exchanging some RMB, Professor Agata went to Jinan University excitedly,together with Joyce and Ah Fei.

They wandered in Jinan University, the Professor Agatawas fascinated by thebeautiful scenery along the way.

It was the first time Professor Agata had come to China.

"I stayed here for just an hour and I've already fallen in love with China." She said.

Wish Professor Agata a pleasant journey!



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