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The feelings of international students in JNU international school about Gener…

Source:Jinan university student affairs office Date:2018-10-31 Hits:2

On the afternoon of October 24, general secretary xi jinping visited jinan university. And it was a huge reaction in and out of school.

 Let's see what the international students think, who study, live and grow in jinan university.

Alvian Antonio印度尼西亚 | 2017级国际学院金融学专业 | 暨南大学学生会印度尼西亚学生联合会副主席

I think Xi Jinping’s visit to Jinan University as a positive matters for Jinan University and Chinese young generation. First of all, it is increasing Jinan University credibility and reputation in China and the world. As an university, Jinan University has rich histories. There will be many up and down, but I am sure that Jinan University will survive in the future. Second, Xi Jinping’s visit to Jinan University also shows that, as a president, Xi Jinping is really care about Chinese millennials. Because China has 400 million millennials, and 20 or 30 years later, it will passed down to millennial generation as a strong and rich nation.

Friska Dhammawati印度尼西亚 | 2016级国际学院国际药学专业 | 暨南大学学生会印度尼西亚学生联合会主席

As a student in Jinan University,I am so honored and pleased to hear that on October 24, the President of People’s Republic of China, Xi Jin Ping came to visit our school. Almost all of the students, even we as foreigners, were excited knowing that the president came to visit our school.This phenomena obviously brings positive impacts, especially for the students, and for the school’s reputation as well. It shows that the president put his attention for the students and in the education field, thus can motivate us to study better. From this event, I think and I hope that Jinan University’s reputation and education system will improve so it can produce more potential leaders and professionals.


Being an International student of one of the established universities, it would be a PROUD MOMENT for any student to have such an inspirational leader visit our university. I hope to be a part of such an historical event in future. His esteemed visit has definitely brought in the positive atmosphere in the entire campus and has certainly rose the standards of JINAN. It is my honor and pride to be a part of such University and gives me immense encouragement to work and strive hard to fulfil my goals.

Jomon Varughese 印度 | 2016级国际学院临床医学MBBS

It is in this esteemed institution, the President rose the bar of the university by his presence. President Xi enlightened the students with words of encouragement and reminded us to work hard and be part of the future development of the society.

As a part of the university’s international school, it gives me utmost pride and honor to be in the university visited by President Xi. This visit of the President would have certainly been an inspirations for our students, faculty members and staff. This is a grandeur moment that exemplified the university to a whole new level.

OINAM RUSSI SINGH 印度 | 2015级国际学院临床医学MBBS

It is a moment of immense pride, because I never, in my dreams, had this thought of the President visiting our university, at the same time, I feel blessed for studying in such a prestigious university. Events like this, makes the ideas and future goals of the university more firm and rock solid, this will be a major source of motivation for all the teachers, staffs and students in the campus.



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