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Students Visit YY Headquarters to Drive Forward their Careers

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Yesterday over thirty students from International School visited the headquarters of YY Inc (YY).

Students were given presentations by various members of staff covering the company’s history and development, culture and philosophy, and mission and goal.

(Staff member presents the company’s current development)

(Staff member presents the company’s overseas projects)

The staff then divided students into two groups and took them on a tour to the HR department, canteen and gymnasium.

(Dance room for the staff)

A special mock interview was organized so that students can get a taste of what graduate recruiters are looking for from their employees. Third-year Fiance student Alex Ye and third-year Journalism student Audrey Tang got the chance to be interviewed by the YY’s HR Jasmine, who gave students professional suggestions on how to succeed in an interview.

(Jasmine interviews Alex Ye)

(Jasmine interviews Audrey Tang)

In the Q&A section, staff members answered each question thoroughly, providing students a unique opportunity to get insight into the world of Internet business, the development of the industry and career prospects.

(Staff member answers the students’questions)

The trip was organized by International School for the top students from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan and overseas Chinese students. The visit to YY opened the students' eyes to the world of business, enriched their studies and gave them a precious opportunity to develop skills valued by employers.

By Jiajia、Baixinyu

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