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University life is that part of the life which will be relived in our memories forever. One such day was 24thOctober, 2018. The travel plan was made my International School, Jinan University for their students to a neighboring city in the northern Guangdong province called Qingyuan which is on the banks of river Bei.

It was a beautiful morning, perfect weather and what made it even more perfect was that we were travelling with our friends. We started the journey from our University by8:00AM and its about 2hours journey to reach Qingyuan. One could see the amount of excitement on everyone’s face. The guide briefed us about the place in detail and gave us a clear picture of the day’s schedule.

Our first stop was at a place called Gu Xiang Li (故乡里). It was a theme park which was rich in Chinese culture. We could see historic buildings, ancestral hall and a beautiful Chinese culture spread throughout the park. The ancestral museum had exhibit of various artefacts which gave us little tour of ancient China. The amusement and the play area were another major attraction where all of us went back to our childhood days. Few even tried their hands-on fishing in a pond.

It was time for lunch and we had an amazing Cantonese style of food. As told by our tour guide, the chicken of Qingyuan was really tasty.

Our next destination was to a place called NiuYu Zui (牛鱼嘴). The initial view of the scenic spot took our breath away. We were surrounded by huge mountains covered in fog and calm serene lake. The highlights of this place were Glass bottom bridge and a slide from the top, water-rafting (where there is a man-made glass slide with gush of water coming in at regular intervals and two people sit on a raft and take a journey through twists and turns from top). It was an amazing experience. Without even realizing we had spent almost 2 hours at this place and it was mesmerizing, rejuvenating and we all had made memories for life.

This amazing day came an end by having one last bit of experience on Cantonese cuisine in the night and all of us were dropped off in the University campus after the day filled with fun, joy and experience.




editor / yinghao cai