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English Evening-Take you into the wonderland

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As all you know, the English Evening has been held successfully in Teaching Building N201 at Panyu campus on 13th May. Among the guests and spectators were teachers and student delegates from International School and peer schools. Also, there is representatives from AIA which is the sponsor of English Evening.

Mr. Liu Ming, Eason Deng and the representative from AIA gave us speeches. They talked about the meaning of EE and showed their wishes to us. Also, they mentioned the special day- “Mother’s Day” which just on13thMay. They hoped all things we’ve done could be the wonderful gifts to our mothers. After the guests’ speech, the English drama feast was on.

The beginning of the first course was “The adventures of Pinocchio”from IJ. They made the conscience of Pinocchio to be a man. This imaginative idea made all of us got closer to Pinocchio.After the story we all knew a person must live with his conscience.

The second one was “Cinderella” from CM. It’s a famous story for all of us. The dramatically act from CM made us laughing. This story let us knew the only way to recognize a person is a feeling about his heart.

“Harry Potter”from FNC immediately came out. The crafty Lord Voldemort fought with Harry of using different kind of ideas. But the evil never prevails over the good. Harry got the succeed at final.

The “New Lidocaine” gave us a wonderful performance that was named “Can’t take my eyes off you”. And a lucky boy got the prize from the “Lucky Draw”.

The second half was being begun by PHA’s “Romeo and Juliet”.The famous love story told us that everything could give up just for love. Then the IET took us to join “The Hunger Game”. It was about love and kindness. “Three Idiots”from MBBS, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” from FQS, “Sherlock Holmes” from CST and “ Snow White” from CPA, all of them took us into their imagination. They let us feel the original stories and their hardworking.

After their wonderful drama show, the guests gave the mark to all classes by costume design, visual effect and many other criterions.“Best Acting Skill Award”and “Best Visual Effect Award” for FNC. “Best Organized Award” for IET. “Best Score Award”for FQS. “Best Costume Design Award”and “Best Screenplay Award” for CST. The PHA owned the third prize. The MBBS owned the second prize. And the champion was CM. Congratulate to all of them!

People who could show their confidence on stage always made us surprised. This was really a wonderful night for all of us. We could see performers’ sweat and tear from the delicate scene. The night never falls. The memory will be stored in our mind forever.




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