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The Foreigner Trip-Significant and Fabulous

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On May5th 2018, the Foreigner Trip was held successfully!

Students from all around the world got together, preparing good mood for a marvelous trip, which was elaborated specially for foreigners in International School. In order to know each other better, the members from OSD willingly divided us into six different groups. Before a series of activities, group members offer to introduce themselves.

The first spot we reached was the Xiaozhou village in Guangzhou. The antique buildings in this area are of great beauty. Various special food such as Chinese Pudding and Ginger Milk Curd could be seen in alley. With birds singing songs happily, we delightedly crossed the avenue. We found a special Chinese restaurant to learn the Chinese dumpling making.

To learn how to make dumplings, everyone pick up a piece of dough, tried to follow after the owner of the coffee shop and put a spoon of meat into the dough.When successfully making the cute dumpling, we couldn’t help smiling to each other. To record this moment, students offered to take photos. A sense of achievement was more than happy!

The sun was gradually down, we were about to leave Xiaozhou village to the Pearl River. We would have a wonderful ferry trip there. The night was fantastic and the people were quite pretty. The lights streamed down the river and got mixed together. The shadow of the moon was purely clean and white! We had it all in a cool ferry, where all the scenery could be seen very well. With the ferry traveling steadily, the Canton Towel, Liede Bridge were coming into our eyes. Undoubtedly, it left deep impression for all the students on boat. By appreciating the gorgeous scene, we felt a sense of peace in our heart.

After getting off, we put an good end for the wonderful trip. Thanks to OSD and all the members’ joint efforts that Foreigner Trip could have a big success! By taking part in this activity, students gradually know each other better. Moreover, we learned how to share with others and how to take good care of others.


MixiufromMBBS:I really had a great time with you guys. It was such a good chance to meet new people from different countries.I want to thank everyone and especially OSD for making it a memorable day for the foreigners in our university

Ana fromSIMBA:Thank you very much guys for organizing yesterday´s event!We had lots of fun and, personally, I have always wanted to see a place like 小洲村。 Thank you!

AL KABIR fromMBBS:The day was so amazing. It was a most memorable day in my guys were awesome. so much helpful and friendly. we enjoyed every moment of the trip. Thank you everyone from the main campus and from the south campus. And I hope that we altogether can go for more trip like that and make it the best.

Sofia fromSIMBA:This trip was awesome! It was really nice to be part of this activity organized by OSD. We had the chance to know the real Chinese culture. To get along with other foreigner students also gave us the chance to share experiences about China and their own countries. It was amazing, we had lot of fun. Hope next time will be at least the same or more fun.



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