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17IJ Freshmen:Feelings on the Orientation Camp

Source:国际学院 Date:2018-05-26 Hits:5


Tatenda Berverly Chikuni

From Zimbabwe


When I first heard about orientation camp I had completely no interest in it what so ever. I didn’t care much to spend my first ten days of university going through a bunch of activities and learning things I probably wouldn't remember for the next four years. It’s now only been four days into the camp and I am ready to eat my words.

Today is only the fourth day of the orientation camp and already it’s not only been the most educative but the most entertaining induction experience of my life. Not only did I get to meet new people almost everyday but I also get to make friends because the sort environment we’re in supports that. Freshmen get to mix and socialise with people they would have never approached in a classroom situation. That’s what makes this camp so great because it gives you the opportunity to get to know and work with people even outside your course, people who without this camp you probably wouldn’t have come across or thought to mix with.

The First Class Meeting

Moreover not only is the opportunity to create new relationships so available but also the opportunity to get to know the school itself. In this way when you finally do start school you won’t have to wonder aimlessly around campus looking for your class or some other building. In addition you get to know what the school expects from you and this helps you stay in line.

With Friends

At the end of all this I believe that orientation camp brings people together. By spending everyday with the same people, working with them, siting with them and even doing martial arts with them, you end up knowing them and this reduces any tension that should exist in a class full of strangers for when classes do start. Not only has this camp taught me things that I will remember for the next four years and probably the rest of my life, it has given a new-found appreciation for the careful process of induction in any situation to avoid confusion and mistakes so as to settle down properly, comfortably and to ensure co-existence in a new environment.