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Orientation Address:To Make Your Dream Come True

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On the morning of Sep. 10th,the International School Inaugurate Ceremony was held at N201,Teaching Building in South Campus. The Party Secretary, Deng Yongzhong delivered an address, and expressed his high expectations.

By Deng Yongzhong,Vice Dean & Party Secretary

Dear freshmen , colleagues and friends:

Good Morning! I feel very much honored to be here to celebrate the arrival of all freshmen of 2017.

On behalf of all fellow students, faculty and staff members, I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations and cordial greetings to all of you.Welcome to the International School! Welcome to Jinan University!

Dear freshmen, this is a moment that you will long remember. This is the beginning of a new chapter in your life. From now, you will embark on an interesting and exciting adventure. In the next four or six years, there will be times when you feel exhilarated -- and perhaps times when you feel a bit overwhelmed. But I promise you one thing:We will always do our best to challenge you to participate fully in your own personal intellectual journey and in the university's mission to create new knowledge and understanding.

17 years ago, as part of its endeavors to build up a modern international university, Jinan university decided to set up this school. The school adopts English language as medium of instruction to meet the need of more and more international students who wish to come to study in China and experience Chinese culture and witness Chinese rapid development as well as to meet the need of domestic students who wish to be international professionals. Since its founding in 2001, the International School has attracted students from more than 80 countries and regions. All the students are selected by high admission criteria. Some of the Mainland students got very high marks from the National College Entrance Examination. You are all outstanding young people at your age. I thank you very much for choosing this school for your higher education.

Supported by the university, the International School cooperates with other colleges and departments. It now offers the following 8 programs: International Trade and Economy, Clinical Medicine, MBBS,Accounting(CPA-Canada), Food Quality and Safety, Pharmacy, Finance and International Journalism, and Master Program of China Studies. It is indeed a multi-disciplinary institution and, as far as I know, the only one in Mainland China to offer such a wide range of programs in English and host students from such a great diversity of background within an independent school.

To teach all subjects in English,frankly speaking, is very challenging for most of Chinese teachers. However, to better serve our students, our teachers are very much devoted and most of them are returned Chinese scholars with educational background or working experience in English-speaking countries. They will do their best to keep high standard of education. To maintain the quality of teaching, the university also appoints foreign scholars to teach both English and academic subjects. And all of our administrative staff can speak very good English. They are always ready to serve you with honor. If you have any problem, please don’t hesitate to ask them for help. We strive to create an academic environment in which outstanding students and scholars are continually challenged and inspired to do their best possible work.

Dear freshmen, you are entering into the university at the good time of our country. The development of China has opened a door for you to materialize your dream.To make your dream come true, you must study hard and develop yourself in an all-around way to fit into the future world.

Now I would like to share with you some of my ideas and hopes.

Firstly, you should learn how to learn. College education is more than classroom instruction. You can learn anytime, anywhere and from anyone as you wish. You don’t learn just from few teachers you like. You learn from all the teachers, even sometimes some of them are boring and dull. You learn from your classmates, fellow students and even the staff in the canteen. You learn from participating in co- and extra-curriculum activities. You learn from books. So please avail yourself of every opportunity, resources and facilities to learn.

Secondly, you should learn to respect and appreciate. We are often taught to respect our seniors, parents, and teachers, but there are a lot of more people you need to respect. You should respect your peers, roommates and friends, and actually anyone you are related to. You should also respect differences, like difference of races, difference of colors and difference of opinions.And very importantly, you should respect the rules and regulations of the university. Once you accepted the university admission offer, you entered into a contract with the university. You are obliged to respect and honor the student code and regulations and fulfill your responsibilities. Equally important, you should learn to appreciate. Don’t take what you have from your parents, your friends, the university and other sources for granted. For example, there are still many young people of your age who are not as lucky as you to have the opportunity to go to university. You need to value and appreciate this opportunity. So please learn to appreciate every bit of help and kindness you receive from your family, from other people and from the society. Only in this way will you be respected and appreciated.

Thirdly, you should learn to share and contribute. As the saying goes, helping others is helping yourself. Don’t overvalue your time, energy, wealth and even your life when you are able to help others and contribute to the benefit of the school, community, the country and the society. Remember that you give before you take.Our university is not a place to cultivate “sophisticated egoists”. We aim to be a great place where you can learn to share and contribute.

Finally, seize your time and make a good plan of your college life. Entering university doesn’t mean that you reach the top of mountain of your life. This is only a new starting point. You need to make full of your time and carefully plan your schedule. Time passes without your notice. Believe me, soon, say, at the end of your first semester, you will realize it.

Dear freshmen, let us work together to meet challenges and overcome difficulties ahead of us; let us take advantage of opportunities and creates new ones; let us carry forward the spirit of Jinan motto that is,“Loyalty, Sincerity, Integrity and Respect”to better and strengthen ourselves. I believe, with our joint effort, we will definitely add to the school’s honors and achievements!

In closing, I wish each one of you good health, good luck and every success in your coming journey. Enjoy it!

Thank you all for being here today.

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Word/ Deng Yongzhong

Picture/International School

Executive Editor/ Yin Qiuying