Forensic Medicine

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1. Able to understand the basic concept of the subject and its importance.
2. Aware of inquest, legal and court procedures applicable to medico-legal and medical practice.
3. Able to perform medicolegal postmortem/autopsy findings and results of other relevant investigations for logical conclusion and framing the opinion on cause, manner and time since death.
4. Able to reserve and despatch relevant various articles, trace evidences including viscera in poisoning cases in medicolegal cases/ autopsy examination and handing over the same to appropriate agencies.
5. Able to identify the medicolegal cases, carryout medical examination in such cases and prepare medicolegal report as per the law of the land.
6. Aware of code of ethics, duties and rights of medical practitioner, duties towards patients and community,
punishment on violation of code of ethics, various forms of medical negligence, duties towards his professional colleagues.
7. Able to diagnose and manage the cases of acute and chronic poisoning and can carry out medicolegal duties.
8. Aware of general principles of analytical, environmental, occupational toxicolgy including toxicovigilance and predictive toxicology.
9. Aware of latest advances in Forensic Medicine & Toxicology and their medicolegal importance