The world famous American professor visited school and presented academic semi…

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On June 2, Dr. Theodore P. Labuza, the world-renowned Professor in the area of Food Science from Department of Food Science and Nutrition, University of Minnesota, and Dr. Qinchun Rao, Assistant Professor in Food Safety, Florida State University, United States paid a visit to the International School. Professor Xiyang Wu, the vice Dean, and Professor Shuze Tang, the former Dean hosted the guests. Professor Labuza has great impression on the unique international educational environment of the school and is willing to help in developing the partnership between these two universities.


Professors Labuza and Dr. Rao (2nd from right) visited Food Science Department


During his visit, Professor Labuza presented two academic seminars in the Main campus and South campus respectively. His topics “The texture of 3Cs foods (crackers, cookies, and candies) related to glass transition” and “Revolution of food science with a case study of water activity and its application in food industry” attracted great attention and discussion from hundreds of audiences of faculty members, postgraduate and undergraduate students.




Professor Labuza’s seminar to faculty members and students in the main campus



Professor Labuza’s seminar to students on South Campus