Jinan Universtiy Delegation Attends ETME CONFERENCE

Source:国际学院 Date:2015-11-27 Hits:285

 On 6th November, 2015, the Jinan delegates arrived for the much awaited conference held on 7th and 8th November, 2015 which was organised by Saraswati Onlin.Com. There were 6 universities which actively participated in The Jinan delegates included Prof Wang Liwei, Prof Tang Shuze, Director Liu Ming, Ms Song Jinsong, Mr He Dongfeng, Ms Chen Yanyu, Prof Yu Li, Prof Ruan Yiwen, Ms Huang Yuzhuang, Ms Yi Hui and the foreign teachers namely, Dr Ahmed Nawaz, Asst Prof Sridhar Varma and Dr Uttam Udayan.

On 7th November, morning, there was registration for all the participants followed by the opening ceremony of Evolving Trends in Medical Education (ETME) Conference, 2015. The opening ceremony took place with the speech of Dr Ganguli, followed by the speech of director / dean of every university and the speciality of Jinan University during the opening ceremony was that the Vice President of Jinan had sent a letter which was presented to Mrs Ganguli during the opening ceremony. The morning session came to an end with a group photo session.


The afternoon session was technical session with presentation of papers by various universities. The first session was held for the topics under Pedagogy and Syllabus and content analysis. This session was chaired by Prof Wang Liwei and various delegates including Prof Ruan Yiwen from Jinan presented their papers and each of them were asked different questions related to their paper after each of their presentation.


The second session in the afternoon was conducted for the topics under Innovations in Teaching, learning and use of technology and Licensing exam: teaching learning approaches and differences. This session was chaired by Dr Ganguli. This session was followed by few administration presentations. This included presentation by Mr He Dongfeng and Ms Divya from the International School, Jinan. They spoke about the various models adopted in Jinan for the Unique Management of International Students. The audience were quite amazed by the presentation since it was different from the others.


On 8th November, there was a re-registration for the participants and panel discussion was held in which 2 panelists from each university were asked to speak and from Jinan University, we had Prof Wang Liwei and Ms Song Jinsong discuss with the moderator – Mrs Ganguli. The topics for this discussion were Campus Discipline and Admission procedure. This fruitful panel discussion led to some solutions to the problems faced for the management of students during their course. This was followed by the presentation on FMGE by Mrs Ganguli. The conference ended with the vote of thanks delivered by Mrs Partha Priya Hemprakash. 


This was indeed a fruitful conference for all the six universities to know each other’s management concepts in a better way, which gave everyone insights into various factors like discipline, management techniques,   procedures etc. This was a great opportunity for everyone to understand the ways of management and everyone hopes to attend more of such interesting conferences.