"China Studies" Students Discover Jiangxi

Source:国际学院 Date:2015-11-26 Hits:290

From November 19th to November 23rd,  International School “China Studies” master students and other  Jinan University Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) students left Guangzhou and Guangdong Province to experience a different part of China. The students journeyed to Jiangxi Province, and spent time climbing the Sanbaishan Mountains, volunteering in Anyuan No. 1 Senior High School, learning about local farms, and experiencing Hakka culture and food.

After the CSC students arrived to Jiangxi province, the first item on the agenda was tackling the Sanbaishan Mountains. Students participated in a lengthy hike that let them see the picturesque landscape of Jiangxi province. Among the scenic sites that the Sanbaishan Mountains offered the CSC students was the Dongjiang Waterfall, the water from this waterfall goes all the way to Hong Kong.

The next day, students immersed themselves in Hakka culture, venturing to a Hakka destination in Jiangxi. Here, students spent the day learning about Hakka culture and customs before putting their hands to work in preparing traditional Hakka food for lunch. They enjoy the fruits of their labors and eat the Hakka food they had worked to prepare.

Finally, the CSC scholars went to Anyuan No. 1 Senior High School. Here, the students donated a large number of books from Jinan University to the students and staff of Anyuan No. 1 Senior High School. After donating the books, the JNU scholars split into teams to teach lessons that they had planned beforehand. Among the lessons presented to the local students was a lesson on traditional American English sayings, a lesson on Filipino tourism, and a lesson on Canadian folk songs. Once the lessons were finished, the JNU scholars and the Anyuan No. 1 Senior High School students took part in a ceremony to celebrate the donation of the books from Jinan University. The JNU scholars and students took turns presenting dances, songs, and presentations from their homelands in a wonderful exchange of cultures for the betterment of everyone present.