China Studies Master Students Visit the Yangcheng Evening Newspaper

Source:国际学院 Date:2015-11-26 Hits:248

On Monday, November 16, the JNU students from the China Studies master’s program visited the Yangcheng Evening Newspaper for a thrilling exploration of Chinese media and journalism.

The visit itself had a full schedule, as the students were shown around the entirety of the Yangcheng Evening Newspaper’s operation. Students were shown around the newsroom, where the paper is edited and created. Then the students were shown around the Media Center and the Gallery. Here, the students were not only able to look at some exciting technology, but they were also able to get a bit more hands-on with some of the media tools that are used to cover the news featured in the Yangcheng Evening Newspaper.

The students also got to visit the publishing center and factory for the newspaper; so that they could see where the newspaper is physically printed before it is distributed to the Yangcheng Evening Newspaper’s wide readership. Throughout the visit, students had the opportunity to ask questions of professionals in the industry. This let students have a better grasp of journalism and media in China. The entirety of the visit was captured by a journalist from the Yangcheng Evening Newspaper and was covered in their publication!