China Studies Master Students Visited GDBU

Source:国际学院 Date:2015-11-06 Hits:5

Guangdong Baiyun University (GDBU), one of the more prestigious private universities in China, served as the destination for a delegation of master degree students from the International School, Jinan University (JNU) on Monday, October 26th. The goal of this trip was to show a different style of university, focused on vocational excellence and work-force ready college graduates.
A seminar presented by the Vice President of GDBU, Professor Shen  Gensheng. The seminar, which focused on education in China and around the globe, provided the foundation for an enlightening discussion. This seminar resulted in students from around the world being able to share their own experiences with education in their home countries, compared to China’s own education system. Guided by Vice President Shen  Gensheng, students were able to see the pros and cons of education systems around the world, and theorize about ways to improve education around the world.
After the seminar, students were matched with students from GDBU, IS and their GDBU peers toured GDBU’s campuses. This tour provided an opportunity for students from different cultures around the world to mingle and become friends, while also letting the IS students see what life was like on the campus of a private vocational school in China.





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