[Welcome]"China Studies" Master Freshmen Opening Ceremony 2015

Source:国际学院 Date:2015-11-06 Hits:5

On 22 September 2015, the International School of Jinan University has hosted an open ceremony to welcome the freshmen of “China Studies" Master program 2015.
Prof. Deng Yongzhong, the party secretary of International School hosted the ceremony.     Prof. Wang Liwei, the dean of the International School gave a welcome speech. Prof. Zhang Zhenjiang, the dean of International Studies, briefed the students with the syllabus and prospect of “China Studies" program. Over 20 teachers and thesis supervisors related to China Study program have attended the event and gave away the introduction of their respective courses.
Freshmen of “China Studies” Master program 2015 come from 6 countries, namely, U.S.A, Russia, Uruguay, Philippines, Kenya and Nepal.