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A one-day international Workshop on Food Safety and Health co-organized by the Department of Food Science and Engineering (DFSE) JNU and the Centre of Food Research Innovation (CFRI) of Lincoln University, New Zealand was launched on Nov 2nd in the JNU Seminar Hall. Prof. Tang Shuze chaired the opening ceremony.
The workshop invited scientists from New Zealand, Canada, Hongkong and local government organizations to present their findings. Prof. Charles Brennan, Director of CFRI delivered a keynote speech, followed by Prof. Tang’s presentation on New Challenges of China Meat Safety. 7 other speakers gave their talks from perspectives of regulations, technology, research trends and contemporary issues.

Prof. Ye Qin, JNU Vice President addressed at the Opening Ceremony 

Prof. Charles Brennan presented a keynote speech

Prof. Tang Shuze presented a speech

Around 60 students and faculties from JNU and other universities participated the seminar. The workshop is the also an initial activity of the Collaborative Innovation Centre of DFSE.
JNU has signed an agreement with Lincoln university last October after IS delegation’s visit to its campus. “This is our first return visit since the agreement has been in effect. I’m glad we have made substantial progress during the past one year, and I believe we will have more cooperation in the future” said Dr. Malik Hussain, Associate Director of CFRI.