Student Affairs Office

Name: Ms. Liu Qian
Position: Secretary of Students Affairs , Instructor
Email Address:
   Rm 322

Ba, Computer Science Department, Wuhan University,

Msc. New Media, Chinese University of Hong Kong,

Doctor. Communication (New media direction), Wuhan University,

Research Interests: New media, International communication


1Participant, Humanities and Social Sciences Project of the Ministry of Education (13YJAZH128)

2Participant, College Moral Education Project of Guangdong2011ZZ006);

3Participant, Guangdong Media Diplomatic Project89014049;

4Participant,2016 National Social Science Foundation Youth Project "The new media dissemination of terrorism information in the context of big data and its response research", (16CXW034;

6. Participant, 2016 Humanities and Social Sciences Project of the Ministry of EducationBrand Internationalization Binding Strategy and Formation Mechanism Research, (16YJC630037.

Publication List


1.    (Chinese) Fanqi ZengMuqiang Zheng, Qian Liu(2015). “Empirical research on Influencing Factors of entrepreneurial intention -- Based on Survey from College Students on Social Entrepreneurship,” Journal of Shantou University(Humanities & Social Sciences ) 4:70-76.

2.    (Chinese)Liqun Liu, Qian Liu, Fei Wu(2014), ”American think tanks and media interaction—case study of CNAS ( Center for new American security ), CSIS ( Institute of International Relations Strategy ), Brookings ( Brookings Institution ) ,” Hubei Social Science, 10:190-193.

3.    (Chinese)Qian Liu, Xiaoyong He(2012). ‘’The Study of Moral Education and Knowledge Graph Analysis ( 2000-2009 ),’’ Gao Jiao Tan Suo, 2: 117-121.

4.    John Yip, Liu Qian(2013), “OTT (Internet TV) Development”, Media Digest, (8):8-10.

5.    (Chinese)Liu Qian(2012), “Media Use with Public Diplomatic in USA and China”, Lingnan Media Research, 8:65-69.

6.    (Chinese)Qian Liu(2013), “Sentiment Analysis on Network Content Review-a Comparison between Chinese and English”, Journalism Comunication,8.19-22.

7.    (Chinese)Liu Qian, Hong Ying(2013), “Social Media Use by volunteers in China and Abroad”. Journalism Comunication,10:117-121.

Academic Translation:

1. Mobile TV Development and strategiesWorld Broadcast and Television,2008(3).

2. Digital TV Development: Techno-Economic Analyses and Generic Modeling. IBI magazine World Broadband Internet2007(11).

3. HDTV Development: Economic Characterization.World Broadcast and Television2007(7).  

4. IPTV Development : Economic Considerations)World Broadband Internet2007(7).

5. Planning and Development in the New Digital Age.World Broadcast and Television2007(6).  


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